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Payroll preparation is one of the most time-consuming and heavily regulated areas a small business owner will deal with.  Overtime must be considered and calculated correctly.  Tipped employees must have taxes withheld on tips received.  All withholdings must be timely deposited with taxing authorities.  Then there are the special rules governing foreign workers.  It’s a lot to keep up with and manage a business at the same time.

We can help.  Our staff is trained in the varied intricacies of payroll preparation and reporting.  Once you submit an employee’s time record (by phone, email, internet portal or in person) we take it from there.  Wage calculations, check preparation, payroll reporting records and withholding deposits are all prepared and returned to you ready for signature.

Our firm can also facilitate direct deposit of payroll checks for your employees.  This is a secure way to compensate your staff that bypasses a lot of the paperwork and makes void or lost checks a nonissue.

Finally, we will prepare quarterly and yearend payroll reports, providing W-2s for your employees.  Also, if you are a large employer, we can file your W-2s at year end on the required magnetic media.

If payroll requirements are eating up too much of your time, please contact us for a consultation and quote.