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Photo of Richard B. Mizelle, Jr.

Richard B. Mizelle, Jr.

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Rick specializes in Estate Planning, Business and Personal Tax Preparation, and Small Business Consulting.
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Photo of Richard D. Straub

Richard D. Straub


Rick joined the firm in 1989, became partner in 1996, and specializes in Tax Planning, Homeowner Associations, and Small Business Consulting.
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Photo of Lisa S. Murphy

Lisa S. Murphy


Lisa joined the firm in 1985 and became a partner in 2003. She specializes in Governmental and Corporate Auditing, Corporate Tax Planning and Preparation, and Homeowner Associations.
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Photo of George Consolvo

George Consolvo

George joined the firm in 2003 giving him many years of experience in accounting, auditing and taxation.
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Photo of Jonathan Dail

Jonathan Dail

A graduate of James Madison University, with a Masters Degree in accounting, Jonathan joined the firm in 2005.
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